Making Print Ready Files

Due to the nature of printing, please follow our guidelines to ensure the best finishes product possible

Accepted File Formats

We accept PSD, AI, and PDF file formats. If you are sending individual pictures, High Res JPG, PNG, and TIF formats are accepted.


To ensure maximum quality, all formats must have a resolution of at least 350 dpi (Dots Per Inch). Low res images, such as images designed for web use, have a resolution of 72 dpi. The use of low res images will result in a low quality printed image.

Color Mode

Unlike content created for electronic use, content created for Print Distribution must be provided in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color mode. All black and white artwork must be provided in grey scale color mode. Full color files that are not sent in the CMYK color mode are subject to changing colors when converted into the CMYK color mode. Likewise, black and white files are subject to hue changes when the color mode is corrected.

Include Bleed

In order to ensure the best-finished product possible, bleeds must be included on all files. A bleed is a continuation of color, image, border, or design 1/8th of an inch passed the final size of the file on each side of the file. Example: If you are creating an 8” x 11” flyer, your file size will be 8.25” x 11.25” to accommodate the 1/8th of an inch bleed on all sides.

The purpose of bleeds is to ensure quality control in the cutting process. Since shifting is a possibility when your order is being trimmed to size, the added bleeds ensure that a white line or border does not show on the edges of the final product.

Note: All bleeds are trimmed, resulting in the desired final size.

Crop Marks

Please add crop-marks to your print ready file. Crop marks are lines added to the corners of your file to communicate the final size of your printed product. Crop marks should only be placed in the bleed area of your file.


If sending your files in PDF format, please make sure that all fonts are imbedded in the PDF. If sending your files in EPS or PSD formats, Fonts must be outlined or converted to paths/curves in the file.

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